Dress like the Duchess

kate keti










Hello from the Secret Palace..

Everyone wants to dress like the Duchess of Cambridge, and who wouldn’t?  It must be nice to have the perfect team of stylists and hairdressers at any time.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t recreate some of the looks of the stunning Kate Middleton.

This is one example.

I have had this dress for a long time, and it has been worn  many.. many times, but I never had the chance to take a picture with it.

A similar style was worn by Kate from the fashion designer Emilia Wickstead.

The plated dress  is mid-length, which is my signature look. Pale-pink color looks very feminine and soft, and matched with the golden shoes makes this outfit more elegant.

You can pair with a nice clutch for a more formal event, or with a purse that is not too big for an every day look.

I added pearl earrings, a bracelet and a watch to complete the outfit.

I would love to see your style so don’t hold back from sending me your outfit ideas.

And don’t forget, more important than to dress like royalty is to act like a royal.



Nova Eleganza



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