Spring Awakens



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Greetings from sunny Columbus,

On this post I decided to show how you can create an outfit that is the perfect reminder for a beautiful Spring.

Matching a plain but structured shirt with a floral skirt makes all eyes to go towards the beautiful spring pattern. The blue shirt gives enough classiness so the whole outfit doesn’t go from classy to sassy.

The skirt speaks for itself, the material is silky and soft, perfect for these days.

I added the beautiful bright red earrings matched with a belt in the same color so the look is even more strong.

Because of all that color, I chose neutral shoes with a silver clutch, necklace and bracelet for a more formal look (the clutch and necklace are optional, for a more casual look you can take off the necklace and choose an everyday purse)

The only thing that you have to be careful about with this outfit is that the skirt pattern can make your hips look bigger because it  is set on the sides.

So my advice is to make sure that your body type is the right one for this skirt.

Banana and apple body types are perfect to pull this off.

But most important…your confidence.

And finally don’t forget your sunglasses and enjoy the Sun.

Nova Eleganza


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