The Princess Castle









Happy Monday my friends,

Nova Eleganza is here with a new post. I am not posting very often for only reason…I want to offer quality posts that are special and unique. That is my respect to all of you who are following me and for those who are not following Nova Eleganza but still stop by to check my posts.

Today is all about the fairytale.
We all love a story that starts with:
Once upon a time there was a Princess living in a big castle.
Nova Eleganza tried to bring to life the story of a Princess living in a big castle.

The dress is custom made for a special occasion. Royal blue and gold are a perfect combination, the bow and buttons on the back gives a more romantic look.  I accessorized with a clutch and necklace in metal tones and a big deep blue square ring. You have to be aware that this look is “heavy”, and it is only appropriate for special events.
Enjoy the pictures, and if you didn’t find your Prince already, start looking today.
I found mine and he is awesome. 😉

Nova Eleganza


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