The African Print Pencil Skirt

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African print 1

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African print 2

Hello everyone,

Do you remember that time when I mentioned that I was working on a “Stella Jean project”?

Well that project is done and I am introducing you the African print pencil skirt. The skirt is my creation, I sewed it together with no previous experience. You can find out more about how I made it on Since this is a traditional African print, before I started sewing it, I Google searched fashionable African print inspired outfits.

I found Stella Jean, an emerging Haitian-Italian fashion designer and former model. I took a look at her collections and I have to say that they are impressive.

Her collections are amazing. Her Spring Summer 2014 or Fall Winter 2014/2015 are my favorites. The length of the skirts, the defined waist, beautiful patterns, amazing prints are things that I love the most.

And don’t forget to check out her beachwear. Ah…those swimsuits. I would love to have something that says Stella Jean.

Visit Stella Jean at and pick your favorite piece.

And now a few words about my outfit. Since the print on the skirt is so busy, I decided to go with a solid royal blue shirt so the attention stays on the skirt. I added a colorful necklace and a calf bracelet for a stronger look. A special detail is the head wrap scarf.  You can style it in so many different ways and it still looks feminine and timeless. I finished the look with sandals and a clutch/messenger bag in the same tone.

I hope you like it.

Tell me your thoughts.

Until next time

Nova Eleganza ❤❤❤




3 thoughts on “The African Print Pencil Skirt

  1. Love the outfit!! Congrats on the successful project, that is one amazing skirt – with or without any sewing experience. BTW love the Jessica Simpson bag too!! 🙂

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