Sunset Crush – Orange Dress With a Pop of Green

orange dress5

orange dress3

orange dress6

orange dress7

orange dress4

orange dress2

orange dress1

Hello everyone,

I am here to show you how I created a very easy, casual, everyday outfit.

This summer orange dress is 100% cotton, which  makes it very comfortable and casual. I paired it with a brown belt and earnings in similar tone.

The purse is a neutral color with brown elements but still casual.

You’ll never make a  mistake if you mix orange and brown, it is a common color match.

But I wanted to add a little bit more to this look.

I felt like I needed more freshness.

I choose this green fedora hat, perfect to hide from the Sun.

In addition to that, I matched it with these sandals, they are a blend of comfort and style.

The final touch is the green lizard ring, which I love.

This look is perfect for a walk by the beach or running some errands.

Hope you like it.

Until next time,

Nova Eleganza ❤❤❤


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