Kate Spade Boxy Crop Top and Pleated Skirt

Happy Wednesday everyone!!! I hope you are all doing well. These past few days have been so crazy with campaigns, work at home…and so much more. So today I decided to breathe. I canceled a few campaigns and I turned on the TV to listen some relaxing music. I started thinking about life, how short it can be, how fast it can go by. I decided that it is not worth it to be stressed about anything. Nothing is more important than your peace. Don’t let anyone disturb your space. Live your life the way you imagine and be happy.

I did miss posting outfit ideas, so here is one,  fresh, new outfit from today 🙂

kate spade2

kate spade6

kate spade1

kate spade3

kate spade4

kate spade8

kate spade9

kate spade10

I was so happy when I found these two pieces, I did not plan to match them together, it just happened. The top  is in a zig zag birken stripe and the skirt is blue-green. Stripes paired with a solid is the key to making this a good match. Instead of wearing black shoes and making the outfit boring, I decided to wear these pinkish sandals so the outfit has a more soft and feminine note. For accessories, I added simple stud earrings, a white bangle and a ruffle clutch in a beige-golden tone so the accent still stays on the crop top.

Advice: When you are creating an outfit, decide which piece you want to bring out and to be in the spotlight. After that, choose all the other pieces and build the outfit around that piece.

I hope you like it.

Send your outfits to my email address: novaeleganza@gmail.com. I would love to see them.

Nova Eleganza❤❤❤



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