It’s time for Ice Cream and The Dusty Pink Shirt

Hello everyone,

This past week the weather in Columbus was so hot, so my husband I decided to go out and try some Velvet Ice Cream.

We went to Utica, Ohio were the main factory is. This place was recommended by a friend of mine and it is beautiful. We ate lunch at the Ice Cream Parlour, had a nice walk and we bought a scoop of ice cream. Yes, I bought just one scoop of ice cream and it was humongous.

My outfit was casual, you want to be more comfortable when you go to a place like this. That is why I chose this dusty pink top and cotton shorts with a mix of pink and brown. I wore flat sandals with different pattern straps, mixed gold and silver jewlery and a small purse.

Advice: Pick an interesting place and go. Life is too short to stay at home. And if by any chance you plan to visit this one, don’t forget to try the pink lemonade. It is great!!

IMG_0506photo (20)photo (19)IMG_0492







Thank you for reading

Nova Eleganza ❤❤❤






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