What to Wear to a Baseball Game



Hello my friends,

With the MLB season winding down you may be wondering what to wear to a baseball game. So, here is one idea. But with the Ohio teams eliminated from postseason contention, you might want to save this for next year.

Skinny jeans paired with a polo t-shirt was my choice since I wanted to create a simple and classy look. It is always good to have a sweater or hoodie in case the weather is not cooperative. The one that I picked is soft and will keep you warm. For shoes, I chose these wedges that are a mix of comfort and style. A baseball hat is  “a must” for a game and I am adding the Cleveland Indians Pearl Stainless Steel Watch and the red Tumbler for my coffee on the go.

Pick your team and get ready.

Hat: http://www.fanatics.com/MLB_Hats

You can also find the polo-shirt, hoodie, watch and tumbler at www.fanatics.com

Jeans: www.only.com

Shoes: www.jcpenny.com

Thank you for reading,
Nova Eleganza ❤❤❤


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