Take a Note: Blue Pairing

Hello my friends, I feel like I haven’t uploaded a post for years. I am trying to teach my baby to start walking and I must tell you, I have so much fun. 🙂 That is one of many reasons why I wasn’t active on the blog.
For this post, I made an outfit that is casual and dressy at the same time, but most important very comfortable. And the classines is always a plus 😉

Lately, bows are a big trend so you can’t miss them. They are everywhere: coats, shirts, jewelry, shoes.
This baby-blue shirt, that I am in love with, is another vintage piece that screams for attention. Silky with wide sleeves and a bow that makes the outfit dressier. The rose pattern is perfect since everything else is plain. To make this look I paired it with navy blue pants and I added brown accessories so all eyes go to the royal-looking shirt. I personally can’t look away from it.

For all who have this or a similar shirt I encourage you to wear it! If you are thinking: “ehhh..it is a weird color, I don’t know what to pair it with” here is my suggestion: Baby-blue color goes great with navy blue, grey, nude and white..
When you are pairing a shirt like this, do not make a distraction with other pieces. My advice…when you make your outfit, take a look in your mirror. The eyes should go to one thing.

I hope I  helped.
This look is perfect for work, going out or having a brunch.

Please send me photos with your outfits.. I’ll be glad to check them out, and maybe you’ll be featured in one of the next posts on novaeleganza.com.

Thank you for reading,

Nova Eleganza ❤❤❤
Blue Note

Blue Note

Blue Note

Blue Note

Blue Note

Blue Note

Blue Note


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