Falling for Fall

Hello everyone,

After my 10-day vacation it is nice to come back home and take a break from all the sight-seeing.

Even though I was enjoying the beautiful sunsets, I was concerned about missing out on the Fall in Columbus. Born in fall, I am a fall child and I have to say, I love Fall.

The rich colors of nature makes this season like the painting of an artist.

For this post, I chose a skirt with typical fall colors. I matched it with an ivory sweater and taupe shoes. The necklace is intentionally matched to the skirt. I wanted to create a classic fall look.
The purse in neutral, and blends with everything.

Easy to match, light-weight, and comfy.
I hope you like it.

This is one of the many posts that I am planing to make for this fall season. Stay tuned there is more to come. I hope everyone will find something that they like, or maybe the outfits will give you an idea on how to create a whole new look for this fall.

Thank you for reading,
Nova Eleganza ❤❤❤










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