Sleep, Style, Smile

Hello sleepyheads 🙂

Have you ever caught yourself sitting in your pajamas all day long?? And it is not because you have nothing to wear, or you can’t put something on, but because you feel so comfy in them.

That is exactly what happened to me the other day.
It was nice to have a day not to have to dress up and worry about things. The only things on the agenda were: Smile, cuddle and enjoy in the laziness.

Although I wear a lot of cotton, my choice was the VS afterhours satin pajamas. I think they are perfect if you want a little bit more lux in your style. Imagine the picture of you in the late hours sitting by the Christmas tree with your PJs enjoying the Christmas lights.

Do you love cotton PJs, sleepshirts or something else?
What about slippers, do you wear them, and if so, what kind? These sheep slippers keep me warm and they are adorable. I love them.
I would love to hear what your choice is when it comes to sleep and see your sleep outfit.

I’ll try to post more outfits like this, they are so much fun…and for sure they bring a smile to my face.
And who said that you can’t be stylish and cute in your pajamas?

Just don’t ever forget your smile.
The smile-style is the best you can be.









Until next time..

Sweet Dreams ♥♥♥


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