Be Your Own Princess

Hello my friends,

I hope you are all doing well, no flus, coughing and everything that comes with this fall weather.
Before we get deeper into Fall, I would like to share another outfit that can give you an idea on what you can wear to your engagement, a friends wedding or something of that nature.

Let’s pick the color first.
Royal blue is always a great idea. Think about Kate, Princess Di or Sofia…they all looked great in royal blue dresses at their engagement party.

My advice: Stay away from patterns of any kind.
The bolder the better.
You will look sophisticated and polished.
The dress that I am wearing in these pictures is the dress that I wore for my engagement party. There are 2 materials one over another. The gold lace is on the top.
It is still wearable and that is my next tip – choose a style that you can wear more than once over a longer period of time.
If you are spending more money then make it worth it.
It will be nice to have something that you can wear to someone’s wedding or any other celebration.

And now something about the style.
Do you think that you can’t wear this type of dress?? You are wrong.
Anyone can do it.
Skinny or curvy, there are a couple of things that you should know and you can start browsing.

If you have bigger arms then wear short sleeves or 3/4.
For those with wide shoulders and muscular arms I don’t recommend a dress with spaghetti straps or neck straps; but an off shoulder dress.
If you have a short neck v-neck dresses give the illusion of a longer neck, wearing a necklace is another alternative.
If you want to hide something then no shiny materials on that part of your body.





At the end I am sharing a picture from my private collection just to show you these tips.
Love my mom’s outfit in this picture…covered arms, lace over the front, the cut of the skirt accents the shape but at the same time gives freedom for movement.

Until next post,
Nova Eleganza


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