Florida Travel

Hello everyone,

Whenever the word vacation is said, I am ready to jump on the plane and go on a new adventure.
That was the case this time, as well.

We decided to go to the Sunny state once again to discover something new, but we couldn’t miss out on some of our previous favorites and not go to some places that we discovered the first time.
It was a very hot time for a vacation in Florida and we knew that, but we didn’t let that stop us and we saw some amazing places that will always stay in our memories.

The house was gorgeous, enormous, with a pool, Jacuzzi, yacht… you name it, it was there.

All the houses on that street were like a fairy tale.  We also had the chance to check out one open house, and the owner happened to be no one else but the CEO of  It’s a 10 Haircare. If you are interested I’ll send you the link where you can check it out. The house is selling for more than $4 Million and is one of the cheaper houses in that neighborhood.

I highly recommend that one, if you have the money of course 😉

And some of the places that we really enjoyed are:

Worth Avenue (it is the FL version of Rodeo Drive in LA)
The Gardens Mall (try the salad place at the food court-I am craving salad every time I think about that place)
City Place (a great place to have a nice walk and enjoy the music, beautiful fountains, have an ice cream or a cup of coffee)
St. Augustine (old town with beautiful architecture)

Were was your vacation this year?

I would love to know some new places that I can put on my list for places to go 🙂

Thanks for reading ,
Until next time 😉





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