Fashion for Women Over 50

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!

After a few months of my absence and a lot of requests for a new post, I found the time to make something a little bit different from what has been on my blog in the past.

This time I am giving you outfit ideas for women over 50.

At this age, comfort is on the top of the list. At the same time looking stylish but effortless is a must. On top of that, if you can get rid of 10 years from your appearance with your outfit, you hit the jack pot.

I pulled out some pieces from my closet and mixed with the model’s wardrobe to create 3 outfits.

The golden rule is whenever you want to look slimmer, wear black right? That is true, but all black on a 50 year old looks depressing.
Brown goes great with black. By adding the cardigan the torso looks even slimmer. The only pattern piece is the scarf, which adds a little playfulness to the whole outfit.

Tip #1: Choose simple, one color pieces. You can always add accessories to achieve the look you want. You can match those up more easily than pattern clothing.




The second outfit shows how black can be combined for a dressier look. To lighten up the look it was paired with a light grey shirt. The accent here is on the pattern skirt and all other pieces are bold. A light shade of lavender color can go great with this.

Tip # 2: If you choose to wear a blazer on a skirt make sure it is very well fitted; otherwise, it will add extra pounds to the look.




The third look is the monochromatic look. I absolutely love these colors. They look great on everyone at any age.
A light rose color mixed with shades of gray makes the outfit very soft. I created a pop of color by adding brown booties.

Tip #3. Cardigans are great layering pieces, they are comfy and by choosing the right length and size they can cover everything that you don’t want to be seen 🙂 Having them in a neutral colors or earth tones will be a great addition to many outfits.




I hope you find this post helpful.  If you are not sure I am always here to help. 😉

Thank you for reading.


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