Casual Burgundy

Hello everyone, What is the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon other than browsing christmas decorations? That is what I did this Sunday and I really enjoyed it. There are 44 days left until Christmas so if you were … Continue reading

Falling for Fall

Hello everyone, After my 10-day vacation it is nice to come back home and take a break from all the sight-seeing. Even though I was enjoying the beautiful sunsets, I was concerned about missing out on the Fall in Columbus. Born … Continue reading

It’s time for Ice Cream and The Dusty Pink Shirt

Hello everyone, This past week the weather in Columbus was so hot, so my husband I decided to go out and try some Velvet Ice Cream. We went to Utica, Ohio were the main factory is. This place was recommended by a friend of … Continue reading

Nautical Touch

Hi to all, It is Friday and if you want to look casual but still feminine maybe this is the outfit for you. Plain navy blouse with a mid-skirt with white stripes gives you the feminine look. The fabric is … Continue reading

How to Wear a Maxi Skirt

  Hello my friends, In this post the accent is on Maxi Skirts. They are great if they are combined correctly or they can be a complete disaster if one piece is not matched well. One of the things you … Continue reading