In the Nude

Hello my beautiful friends, Before the Summer comes to its end, I am rushing to post a few more photos of my work outfits and the photos below show one of those. Nudes are very “IN” in the last few years … Continue reading

Sleep, Style, Smile

Hello sleepyheads 🙂 Have you ever caught yourself sitting in your pajamas all day long?? And it is not because you have nothing to wear, or you can’t put something on, but because you feel so comfy in them. That … Continue reading

Kiss InstaWave Automatic Curler – Demo

Hello everyone, last week I mentioned something about my next post and this is the reveal. I received InstaWave Automatic Curler to try out and tell you my thoughts, so here it is. I have to say that a product like this, … Continue reading

Before The Rain – Blue Leopard Dress

I love vintage dresses, do you??? This one that I own is from my mom and I love it.  The length, color, size, shape, style…this dress has everything.  It is from Justine by Davies and Field, a British brand.  The … Continue reading

Sweet meets Sexy: Eyelet Cutout Dress

If you are looking for a cute summer dress, this is the right one for you. The dress is perfect for warm weather especially with the cut outs on the back. A fitted top with a flared lined skirt that is … Continue reading